• We ventured this journey at 1984

      MultiLingua Multimedia Commercial Business Network Seminars, was founded in Athens - Greece and since then we have developed internationally with offices in Belgrade, Bucharest and Istanbul, managing a global network of trainers and consultants.

      Multilingua has participated in many projects for the preparation and development of Foreign Language Skills assisting our International clients, so that they can work effectively in their new host country. During this venture we always enjoy the result of our work, assisting our clients to succeed locally and internationally.

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      MultiLingua Multimedia Commercial Business Network Seminars, with more than 35 years of dynamic presence in Greece and abroad, is considered a valuable ally and partner of the Companies entrusting their requirements, in matters of adult education for executives of business groups and staff.

      The Individualized Educational Programs, seminars and services that we offer for each Company, are implemented by highly qualified teachers and professionals in all fields, adapted to the requirements, goals and corporate culture of each company, in order to create a lively, dynamic and constantly evolving work environment.

      Our fully trained staff using the most innovative digital teaching tools can provide with the physical presence of the tutors of our programs at your headquarters and seminars held online during hours and days that serve the operation of the Company, as well as the combination of the two above monitoring methods. Blended learning.