Linguistics Seminars for the Food and Beverage Sector (F&B)

Upon completion of the Food & Beverage Linguistics Seminar (F&B) you will be able to provide your customer with a high level of service, starting with telephone booking, reception, booking control and the description and suggestions in a wide range of dishes and drinks.

You will also be able to respond professionally to any questions or complaints you may receive.

Linguistics Seminars for Hospitality and Tourism

Upon the completion of the course, participants are expected to be able to use the appropriate language to handle a variety of situations they may encounter in the hospitality and tourism sector. In addition, participants will also gain knowledge of the vocabulary required in both oral and written communication by dealing professionally with clients.

In terms of teaching, the emphasis is firmly placed on functional language - giving and receiving information, making recommendations, dealing with problems and so on - and creating a realistic practice situation where language functions can be demonstrated and developed alongside basic performance.

Linguistics Seminars for Industrial Production Line

This is a Beginners Seminar, starting  by repeating the basics: alphabet and numbers, introductions and greetings.

Moving on to a specific work vocabulary by reading texts that are supported by activities and exercises.

The course contains a wide range  of information and resources and leads to the  requirements of Technical Languages. By the end of this course you will be confident and able to use Technical Terminology with your business associates and communicate at CEF A2 level. "

Linguistics Seminars for Legal Services

Customized English Legal Terminology seminars are ideal for lawyers and consultants who are required to communicate internationally using the correct Legal Terminology.

This course provides them with::

  • More confidence in the explanation of Legal issues according to National Case Law
  • More effective and more complete representation of your organization
  • Better awareness of how you can correct your own use of legal English
  • Enhanced editing and writing skills
  • Improving presentation and negotiation skills in the use of English Legal Terminology

Linguistics Seminars for Banking and Accounting

The seminar is specifically designed to familiarize participants with the English / Language Terminology used in the areas of Accounting and information, Taxation, Financial Management and Control.

Topics range from the basic terms used in an organization's financial statements to the detailed concepts related to performance measurement, transfer pricing, working capital management, investment valuation, business financing and capital costs. business valuations, capital Tax.

Particular emphasis is placed on providing an understanding of the true nature of accounting and financial terms.

Linguistics Seminars for the Insurance Sector

The insurance English Terminology Seminar allows you to decide on the emphasis and structure of the department. We offer and your organization a section of insurance Terminology that meets your needs

The seminar focuses on the specific needs of the participants based on their industry and profession.

We will cover the basic language that participants require in order to speak, listen, read and write Technical Languages accurately.

Linguistics Seminars for the Petroleum Gas Industry

The English / Gas and Oil  Specific Language Seminar covers Operational Skills such as problem solving in groups or general negotiation necessary for the proper operation of the business which will  help professionals working at the oil and gas industries to communicate more accurately, pleasantly and confidently in a range of professional situations. In the course you will practice the specialized language you learn in roles and scenarios related to your professional life

Linguistics Seminars for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

Upon completion of the Seminar you will provide your client with a high level of service, you will develop your language and bargaining skills both with your colleagues and with companies abroad.

You will be able to present yourself  successfuly as well as the company Internationally. "

Linguistics Seminars for the Medical Sector

Upon completion of the Seminar you will provide your client with a high level of service, using accurately the International Medical Terminology and expressions, with a wide range of vocabulary terms and phrases, both in written and spoken language. It will develop your communication skills with the patient and your colleagues in matters related to the medical field. "